London CPC Centre

London CPC Centre

We deliver quality Drivers DCPC training courses and are affiliated with an approved JAUPT course centre serving Logistics companies and Drivers alike. We offer Driver CPC Training within the M25 and home counties.

If you are a driver: Book your Drivers CPC training with London CPC Center on our open courses at discounted rates. Refreshments and course material will be provided. Lunch may also be provided on selected courses.

If you are a company: You can book your drivers on one of our open courses, alternatively we can arrange for a bespoke package where your company can choose course modules, venue and dates. Either way, book in confidence knowing that you are getting a great deal with real value at London CPC Centre.

What is Driver CPC
Driver CPC is a legal requirement for all professional drivers, both PCV and HGV, under EU Directive 2003/59/EC. Drivers CPC training was created to improve and standardise knowledge for professional drivers, across the UK and EU, with the aim of enhancing driver’s skills. 

Who needs to complete CPC training
PCV drivers (Cat D) – All PCV drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic training. Failure to complete training may result in hefty fines for both Driver AND Operating Company.
HGV drivers (C, C1, C+E, C1+E) – New HGV drivers (Passed after 10th September 2009) must complete their “Initial” Driver CPC training after gaining their HGV licence. This is the first requirement to start driving as a professional driver. Initial Drivers CPC training will involve a theory and practical test. After completing the Initial Drivers CPC, new drivers must then complete 35 hours of periodic training. This is the final requirement in being a driving profession in the UK and EU.
Current HGV drivers - (Passed before 10th September 2009), Do not need to take another licence test or initial CPC. However the driving professional must complete 35 hours of CPC periodic training. Failure to complete this training may result in hefty fines for both Driver AND company, with the possibility of a prison sentence for possession of fraudulent documentation.
CPC Training at London CPC Centre
A driving professional must complete Drivers’ CPC training, totalling 35 hours of training to be compliant. Typically one day of training totals to 7 hours towards your CPC requirement. This training format will allow professional drivers to complete their training in just 5 days. There is no test or examination required to pass, however attendance and course participation is mandatory to qualify.
The course will also offer booklets to take home for your personal reference at no additional cost. As well as providing professional training, London CPC Centre may also provide free lunch, with refreshments provided throughout the day.
So get the wheels in motion and book your course today with London CPC Centre, and continue your career as a driving professional.
Completing DCPC training at London CPC Centre
After completing Drivers' CPC training with London CPC Centre, the driver will be issued with a certificate for every course day attendend and will be issued with a DQC (Driver Qualification Card) sent via post, from the DSA once 35 hours of training are completed.
This DQC card will mean that you are now qualified and legal to drive professionally.
Drivers will then be free to drive professionally until September 2019. Drivers must then undertake 35 hours' periodic training thereafter (every five years to keep their Driver CPC valid).
Our training courses are approved by the DSA and therefore the driver can check their progress directly on the DSA website.